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According to Sophos Labs, one of the webs leading security service providers, about 30,000 websites are hacked every day! The impact that a hacked website can have on a business is daunting. A hacked website can leave a business completely in the dark’ with no means to communicate with their customers and potential customers, and equally crucial is the fact that once a website is hacked, 99% of the time the site is ‘gone’. The code is infected, deleted or corrupted, and probably even more importantly, all of the content of the website which the owner has spent lots of time and likely money putting together is gone.

The vast majority of website hack attempts occur on the widely used website CMS platforms such as WordPress or Joomla. The obvious reason for this is that the majority of websites on the web are built using one of these free platforms (as of August 2013, over 18% of all websites were using WordPress source: Wikipedia) making them not only the biggest target for hackers, but the easiest too. Keeping the CMS platform updated with any recommended updates from WordPress or any plugin vendors will help to maximize security, but this will come at a cost to you.

In addition, most websites are hosted on ‘shared’ servers, meaning that the website owner has no control over the other websites which ‘live’ on the same server. A small business website may be sharing a server with sites which would be deemed undesirable like adult sites and online pharmacies.


We are able to effectively manage security threats due to our infrastructure setup.

  • Our software is developed by us in-house. It is not an ‘open source’ and is not available to anybody. This minimizes the ‘target threat’ when compared to other platforms.
  • Our servers are dedicated, meaning that no sites live on them which are not built on our software. We are able to monitor all websites 24/7, meaning all the websites we host are all genuine and not spams. 
  • We run weekly backups of every website, so in the unlikely event that a website is hacked, we can have it up and running again in a matter of hours (may be a day!) and not the weeks that it would take to build it from scratch again. As a result, it saves time, and money and huge headaches!
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